Current Projects

After extensive community consultation and four decades of work from the community, previous Councils and staff, the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan was endorsed by Council on Monday, June 13, 2016.

replacement of arena floor (currently under construction) will provide new technology that will give the facility opportunities to have ice available in spring and summer starting in 2019.

The District has developed a proposed funding strategy to acquire the last two houses on Argyle Avenue for public parkland and is looking for your input.

A review and update of the current Child Care Plan that anticipates and addresses future needs.

The proposed replacement facility, the West Vancouver Place for Sport (WVPFS), will be a safe, inclusive, versatile community track and field sports facility.

The District has been consulting with the community about trails on public land since 2015. This input and feedback is the basis for a Trails Plan in fall of 2017.

The District intends to renew and refresh the existing park.

Spirit Trail installation