Built Form, Housing & Neighbourhood Character

Updated July 2017

Without a bylaw regulating the cutting of trees on private property until last year, intensive residential development and redevelopment has had an impact on West Vancouver’s tree canopy.

The Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group, with ten citizen members, is looking at options for managing trees on private property —one of the District’s most pressing and contentious issues. The working group will engage the community and make informed recommendations to Council later this year for a permanent bylaw to regulate how trees on private property should be managed.

Future policy and regulations on housing bulk are dependent on the recommendations of the Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group. All working group meetings are open to the public. 

Neighbourhood Character and Building Bulk

On December 7, 2015, staff presented a summary of the public engagement undertaken in Spring of 2015, recommend proposed options, and sought direction for Council prior to moving forward.

More Information

Interim Tree Bylaw

The District has heard continued and increasing concern from the community regarding the loss of trees. This concern has been exacerbated by the now-common practice of the complete clearing of lots for new or redevelopment. At the same time, the District recognizes and manages the effects of tree growth on amenities such as access to sunlight, views and safety.

On July 18, 2016, Council instructed staff to continue public engagement and create a task force.

Interim Tree Bylaw