Parking regulations are in place to create safe and convenient access for all drivers in West Vancouver, from permit-only areas in busy neighbourhoods, to limited free parking zones, to spaces reserved for electric vehicles, people with mobility issues and carpoolers.

Read and respect posted signage
Please read all posted signage carefully and watch for temporary no-parking zones for street cleaning, maintenance and so on. We’ll indicate where and when you can and can’t park, but reading and respecting the posted signage is your responsibility.

Parking on major routes
Most free parking in West Vancouver along main routes (e.g. Marine Drive) is for two hours in a 24-hour period, after which you must move your vehicle to a new location. Moving to a new location on the same block does not reset the clock. For more information on parking regulations, check the Traffic and Parking Bylaw.

Parking for people with mobility challenges
Many spaces at community centres are reserved for people with mobility challenges. A visible SPARC parking permit hanging from the rearview mirror is required to park in these spaces.



Bylaw & Licensing Services



Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging stations are available at Municipal Hall, West Vancouver Community Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre. Each location has two vehicle charging spots.

  • Charging is free and available by borrowing a card from the reception desk in each building during operating hours or by downloading the FLO network app on your smartphone (a $15 setup charge will apply).
  • There is a map of public charging stations (with current availability) at
  • Check out the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association’s website for more information about electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle Association




Parking tickets

Pay a Parking Ticket Online

Dispute a ticket

  • fill out the back portion of the ticket. Deliver or fax both sides of the ticket to Bylaw and Licensing Services at 604-925-7451 within 14 days of the ticket being issued. 
  • a screening officer will contact you to discuss your dispute and may cancel the ticket under certain circumstances.
  • if the ticket can’t be cancelled, you may request an adjudication hearing. A $25 adjudication fee applies if your dispute is unsuccessful.
  • adjudicators cannot reduce fine amounts and their decisions are final.

Parking Permits

Permit parking is available for residents in these areas:

  • Mathers Avenue between 15th Street and 19th Street
  • Horseshoe Bay
  • 5800 block of Eagle Island
  • 2200 block of Chippendale Road

For more information, including getting a permit, visit the Permits Section.

Permits & Licences