Current Projects

1200 Block Chartwell Place and Brothers Creek Crossing - Water Main Replacement

The water main in the District-owned utilities and servicing corridor located in the 1200 block of Chartwell Place has been scheduled for replacement as part of the 2017 Capital Program.

1300 Block Cammeray Road Water Main Replacement and Road Improvements

The District will undertake work on water main upgrades and road improvements along the 1300 block of Cammeray Road.

4500 block Woodgreen Drive

The water main in the 4500 block of Woodgreen Drive was replaced in 2016 and road rehabilitation will begin the week of March 20, 2017.

4600 Block Caulfeild Drive

The water main in the 4600 block of Caulfeild Drive has reached the end of its service life and will be replaced.

Eagle Harbour School Traffic Calming and Safety Improvements

A public information session was held on December 7, 2016, to share the upcoming road improvements and answer resident questions. At that event, staff heard very strong support for the improvements.

Eagle Island Projects

In 2014, District initiated two projects related to Eagle Island and the island access point at the end of Eagle Harbour Road: maintenance and repairs to Eagle Island docks and relocation of Eagle Island solid waste containers. 

Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Protection Project

The District’s 2013 Integrated Stormwater Management Plan recommends a diversion pipe to address concerns related to life and property safety in the Westmount and Altamont neighbourhoods.

Kings Avenue Traffic Calming

In fall 2016, the District will implement traffic calming measures on Kings Avenue between Burley Drive and 11th Street to reduce vehicle speed and improve safety.

Pedestrian Network Study

The Pedestrian Network Study will help staff identify West Vancouver's walking network and determine where improvements are needed.

Pound Road Repairs

Pound Road is in urgent need of repair. The District of West Vancouver will close the road to conduct repairs in early May. 

Rodgers Creek Sanitary Sewer Repair

A sanitary sewer main between the 1800 blocks of 28th and 29th Streets has been identified for replacement.

Seismic retrofit and renewal of Squamish Underpass

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will be updating the Squamish Underpass which requires seismic retrofit and renewal.

Skilift Road from 21st Street to Folkestone Way

On Monday, June 5, construction will begin on the north side of Skilift Road between Camelot and Folkestone Way.

Spirit Trail - West Portion

The District completed a segment of Spirit Trail along Marine Drive, past Gleneagles Elementary School.

Spirit Trail–Exit 0 to Horseshoe Bay

Construction of Spirit Trail along Exit 0 and Raleigh Street in Horseshoe Bay began construction on Monday, May 1. Construction will continue for approximately six weeks.

Spirit Trail–Exit 0/Raleigh Street construction in Horseshoe Bay

Beginning in May, the District will start construction of the next phase of the Spirit Trail, a multi-use pathway that will connect West Vancouver from east to west. Exit 0 off Highway 1 will need to be closed for certain phases of construction.

Summer road closures in & around the 1300 block of Marine Drive

Phase 1 of the Grosvenor development on 1300 block Marine Drive will soon complete utility and landscaping work. Construction activities will take place as follows:

Traffic Calming at Nelson Avenue and Saint Georges Avenue

The District is exploring traffic calming measures to improve pedestrian safety for the area at and around Nelson Avenue and  Saint Georges Avenue.

Project Timetable

Every year a plan is developed for road building and improvements, bridge rehabilitation, water utilities, sanitary sewers and storm drainage projects.

Capital projects timetable

Gleneagles Sewer Project

Metro Vancouver is updating the sewer system west of Lighthouse Park. Work will begin in Horseshoe Bay, along Royal Avenue between Bay Street and Chatham Street, and will take place until spring 2016. Please see the project web page for details and traffic impacts:

Gleneagles Sewer Project