Committees & Groups

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides oversight of the annual audited financial statements, internal controls and the external auditors.More details

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee oversees an annual program to recognize personal civic commitment in several aspects of community life.More details

Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee oversees the establishment of new working groups, Working Group Guidelines, and the optimal functioning of the District's other community engagement activities, as directed by Council.More details

Community Grants Committee

The Committee will make recommendations to Council on Community Grants: Arts & Culture; Community Services and Social Services; and Youth Competition and Leadership Fund.More details

Design Review Committee

Provides recommendations to Council on policies and regulations affecting buildings, site development and urban design, and on the design merits, and physical and aesthetic impact of proposed development plans and major infrastructure projects.More details

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee collaborates with staff in reviewing a broad range of financial policy and process issues.More details

Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee

The Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee (GAC) provides support and guidance to staff in Parks, Culture & Community Services.More details

Heritage Advisory Committee

Established as an advisory body to assist in the processing of heritage applications, identifying and supporting the conservation of structures and landscapes recognised as having significant heritage value and in undertaking education and engagement opportunities related to heritage conservation.More details

Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee

The committee is an advisory body in the application of objectives and guidelines for the Lower Caulfeild Conservation Area.More details

North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues

A joint North Shore Committee which formulates proposals and makes recommendations to the three North Shore Municipalities and the North Shore... More details